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We develop innovative technological devices

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We create Hardware & Software for your production and products

We are a team of professional engineers who develop technological innovations with an emphasis on precision, durability and reliability. We cooperate with dozens of companies for which we produce tailor-made solutions and thus help them automate and make production more efficient.


More than 5 years of experience and dozens of products created.

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BOHEMIATEX, s.r.o., located near Litomyšl, is a leading manufacturer of glass fiber textile fabrics.


Demands for a variety of processing are increasing, which is why the BOHEMIATEX company decided to use our services. For BOHEMIATEX, we developed and manufactured universal control boards of single-purpose production lines that process, dye and dry glass fibers.

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Swardman, s.r.o. is a company that develops and manufactures world-famous and recognized spindle mowers.


Our cooperation with the Swardman company began already in 2018 and continues to this day. For the Swardman company, we are a long-standing partner in the field of expert technical consultation, HW redesign, design and implementation, and now also production.


For the Swardman company, we developed control electronics for the Electra lawnmower, which compared to the original electronics, includes many additional functions, protective elements, and above all optimization of assembly in production. We are now planning further development and optimization together. 

Vrstva-5.png is a company that develops and manufactures camera systems with artificial intelligence that calculates the movement of people in given spaces.


For this company, we developed compact power boards with remote control of specific shapes suitable directly for the installation of their sensors. 

The company EKOKLIMA A/C sro is a company engaged in the development, production and assembly of air conditioning units for railway and military vehicles. 


We have contributed to their production with a large number of products enabling the installation of electrical installations in spaces with commonly available components that are almost impossible. In some applications, we have enabled EKOKLIMA A/C to reduce wiring installation time to less than half. 

The company JPD GROUP, s.r.o. is our long-term partner. Cooperation with this company is mutual.  


We have developed several electronic devices together with JPD GROUP. One of the many devices developed for this company is a control board for a prototype air conditioning unit of the next generation. This control electronics makes it possible to manage and control the prototype of the air conditioning unit through a PC and thus set the parameters necessary to find optimal conditions for the operation of the air conditioning process itself. 

Poličské Strojírny as is a company with a long history. The workplace of this company is huge, but one of them is the production of door systems for public transport vehicles, where PoS found its way to us and our services. 


For this company, we are already developing control electronics for the electric door opening system for the umpteenth time. This electronics is complemented by a PC application through which its internal parameters are set. Last but not least, in this industry there is an emphasis on meeting the given standards that these control units meet. 

A Swiss company engaged in the development and sale of very specific devices enabling personal presentations of exhibits in galleries or museums.


For this company, we developed and created an ecosystem of products enabling the radio localization of media equipment presenting a given exhibit in its vicinity. This ecosystem of products uses new UWB localization technologies with centimeter accuracy. In addition, this device contains the novelty of sound reproduction, namely a boneconductor that enables the transmission of sound to the inner ear through the bone of the skull.



Expert technical consultation 

We provide expert advice in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, HW and SW with a focus on automation and control.



and implementation

We design, develop and research electronics for your equipment.




We rework your current solution for reasons of increasing efficiency, adding new functions or unavailability of used components.




We mediate and manufacture electronics in the Czech Republic or abroad.


Our customers

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