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Expert consultation and creation of a universal and specialized power supply board (DPS).

EKOKLIMA A/C s.r.o. specializes in the development, production and assembly of air conditioning units for unusual applications such as railway, military and construction vehicles. We have been working with this company since 2014. During this time, we have provided them with expert advice and created and supplied various universal and specialized power boards (DPS) that have made it possible to simplify installation in confined spaces of locomotives, speed up production in the plant and reduce production costs thanks to saved time and components.


In some applications, we enabled EKOKLIMA A/C s.r.o. to reduce the installation time of the electrical installation to less than half.


One of the specific products we created for them is a power supply board with a PID controller to control the SKJRS1 air conditioner. This power board is the source of the wiring of the air conditionerunit SKJRS1. It leads all wires from the entire air conditioning unit into one connector, which forms the connection between the air conditioning unit and the car on which the unit is mounted.

12 fans are connected to the power board, 4 of which are controlled by the PID controller on the board, which maintains the defined pressure in the condensing part of the air conditioning circuit. The board also contains damper servo motors, electromagnetic valves, anti-freeze thermostats, temperature and pressure sensors. Furthermore, there are safety elements for all fans, signaling of individual states and power levels. The power board is sufficiently dimensioned and allows currents up to 250 A to be transmitted.

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