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Expert technical consultation, design, implementation and production of electronics.

The company Poličské strojírny as is a company with a long history and extensive operations in various areas, one of which is the production of door systems for public transport vehicles. We are a long-term partner for this company, thanks to a recommendation from JPD GROUP.


For the POS company, we are already developing the umpteenth generation of control electronics for the electric door system, one of the specific examples is the UCU control unit designed to control the entire door opening with a maximum of two independent drives.

This control unit is equipped with a split input for powering individual branches, 2 power outputs controlled by a PWM signal, 8 logic outputs up to 2 A, 8 analog inputs with the possibility of PULL UP connection, 19 digital inputs and a CAN bus communication bus. The control system is feedback, so it is necessary that each drive always has feedback. The electronics is supplemented with a PC application through which it is possible to read and write almost 60 internal parameters of the control unit. This control unit has an adaptive part of the algorithm ensuring maximum current load developed in cooperation with BUT. It is important to emphasize that there is an emphasis in this industry on meeting the given standards and safety that these controllers meet.

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