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A product ecosystem that enables radio localization of media devices.

The Swiss company develops and sells unique equipment for the personal presentation of exhibits in galleries or museums. We are their partner in the development of electronics and mechanical construction, we provide consultations in the field of acoustics, 3D printing and mediation of production.


This ecosystem uses new UWB localization technologies with centimeter-level positioning accuracy, as well as boneconductor technology to transmit sound to the inner ear through the skull bone.

The device is equipped with a USB interface, the possibility of data synchronization and firmware upgrade, data storage on an SD card, and communication and localization through the UWB module. The entire ecosystem is designed to communicate together and perform automatic content updates for the given exhibits. The device itself, called the Stick, works in standby mode and is activated when the person with the Stick approaches the transmitter (Beacon) located near the given exhibit. The Stick notifies the person with vibrations and light signaling that a sound track is ready for the given exhibit and allows the person to play, increase or decrease the sound as long as he is within the distance radius of the given Beacon.

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