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Complex line for winding and dyeing fiberglass.

BOHEMIATEX, s.r.o. is a Czech firm in the production and processing of fiberglass. The company processes more than 2,000 tons of glass fibers annually, and speeding up the process and reducing the failure rate of automated lines can thus bring significant savings.


Identification of the problem

The original line had significant deficiencies when changing the assortment of fiberglass with adjustments that took the operator 6-8 hours. The speed of the winding line and the accuracy of the dyeing line were also far from the capabilities of current technologies.

Developed electronics ensure:

Control of linear displacements with stepper motors.

Control of electromagnetic valves for pneumatic pistons and pneumatic shears.

Frequency converter control for an asynchronous motor.

Sensing the position and speed of the motors.

Protection against injury with the help of induction sensors.


What have we created?

  • Product and production process research.

  • Design of the overall automation solution (HW&SW).

  • Design of the principle diagram of functional blocks.

  • Electronic schematic design.

  • Selection of suitable components based on parameters (including price).

  • Design of printed circuit boards (DPS).

  • Development of firmware, control software and desktop application for operation.

  • Hardware development.

Using innovations and a completely automated process, the new jsm linee have increased the efficiency of the winding lineher and dyeing by 85%.

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