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Expert technical consultation, design, implementation and production of electronics.

We have been working with the JPD GROUP, s.r.o. company since June 2016. This company uses our services, such as professional technical consultations, design, implementation and production of electronics. Together with the JPD GROUP company, we have developed several electronic devices, one of which is a control board for a prototype of a new generation air conditioning unit.


This control electronics makes it possible to manage and control the prototype of the air conditioning unit using a PC and to set the necessary parameters for the optimal operation of the air conditioning process.

The control unit is equipped with outputs for controlling BLDC motor drivers with feedback, trial regulators for ball valve servomotors, digital outputs for switching electromagnetic valves and a relay output for switching pumps and heating equipment. A PC application has also been created for this control unit, which allows you to switch between automatic and manual mode. In manual mode, individual parameters can be controlled and set in the graphical interface, while in automatic mode, time cycles and element states can be set.

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