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Remote control unit for camera system  is an innovative company engaged in the production of smart camera systems to analyze business premises using AI (artificial intelligence). To complete the camera units, it was necessary to create fault-free electronics.


Identification of the problem

During creation, emphasis was placed on needs and potentially problematic parts from the beginning. In addition to powering the units, it was primarily about automatic cooling of powerful units that tend to overheat and meeting the specific shape of the units according to the design of the cover.

How did we design the units?

The system consists of two parts. A camera unit mounted on each camera automatically powers and cools the unit based on dynamically measured temperature. The universal controller sends commands using an IR signal and thus ensures convenient operation.


What have we created?

  • Design of the principle diagram of functional blocks

  • Electronic schematic design

  • Selection of suitable components based on parameters (including price)

  • Printed circuit board (DPS) design

  • Firmware Development 

Thanks to testing, we have created powerful cooling that prevents overheating and reduces the failure rate of iC camera systems to a minimum.

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